USMLE and Residency-Match Strategies For IMGs


I appreciate the opportunity to help international medical graduates over the past several years through this website. This website will be closing down shortly.

I wish you all the best in your endeavors!

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9 Replies to “USMLE and Residency-Match Strategies For IMGs”

  1. Areeb

    Hi, I’m an I MG with a US passport and I would like to be a part of the 2016 matCD. I still have to do my step 1 and 2 . Is it possible to meet the deadlines for the 2016 match?

  2. morvaridk

    Hi, I would like to know what’s the best duration time for an observership in the US for an IMG? Is the duration of 4 weeks good enough to obtain a good letter of recommendation ? Or does the duration of observership that is written in the letter make a difference to our application? Thank you very much!

  3. ruchir137

    Hey, i want to apply for observership in usa. i am an indian medical student studying in 2nd year of medical school. is it necessary to have an step 1 score , before applying for observership?

  4. mohib naseer

    hi…i m a medical student..i m looking for electives in us…. so i have few questions…
    1. in which year i should apply for elective
    2. best place to apply for surgery electives
    3. total expenses along with accommodation and and admission fees for three months electives. thank you very much

  5. Ria

    Hi, I´m a MD in Peru. I´d like to do my residency in the States. I would love to become a surgeon but I know it´s really hard and competitive. Can you tell me how possible would that be? my odds?

  6. asperger

    Hi! I am an old IMG without any clinical or research experience for many years. I passed my step 2 ck with low score on second attempt. I have not taken any other steps. I want to know if it’s worth working hard to get high step 1 score to get into any residency program? I just want to know if I have any chance and ways to improve my position. Need to make a decision now.

  7. Shinji Post author

    Hello, thank you for your questions. I have posted a categorized reply to all of the above questions in a post “USMLE, residency and USCE Q&A”. All the best.


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