Shinji My name is Shinji and I am an International Medical Graduate from Sydney, Australia. I completed the USMLEs and matched at my first-choice psychiatry residency program at a highly regarded institution (The University of Michigan). I matched there again for fellowship training in child and adolescent psychiatry and I have now completed my training. Over the years, I have reviewed residency applications, interviewed applicants and served on residency selection committees.  I am also an advisor for the ECFMG IMG Advisor Network. Currently, I enjoy working as a physician full-time.

I created this website to help you maximize your chance of successfully matching into a U.S. residency training position.

Instead of only being able to help one person at a time as an ECFMG advisor, I would like to help many more IMGs around the world through this website. My goal is to help you match into a U.S. residency program. As a matter of transparency and integrity, please understand that I cannot help you match at my own residency program through any connection you have with me.

The journey to residency is a long, lonely and painful one for IMGs. I am familiar with the difficulties, having gone through the entire experience from start to finish. I know that I would have appreciated in-depth guidance from a more experienced colleague along my path. But I struggled to find such help. As you may have discovered, there is a dearth of resources on the internet for IMGs looking for clear, in-depth guidance.

Online forums are a great source of support but cannot offer in-depth conversation and guidance. You do have the option of getting support from expensive paid services but this can cost thousands of dollars. My hope is to fill the space in between. I will point you towards a wealth of resources that will be useful on your journey.

I will strive to inspire, motivate and guide you. A lot of this will be through the sharing of my own experience as well as reviewing match data and the paths of other successful IMGs. Please feel free to get in touch with me.

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5 Replies to “About”

  1. Jelua Abdalah

    Hello, how can I increase my chances to get into a psychiatric residency program, when mental health is a nascent concept in my country?

    • Shinji Yasugi Post author

      Thanks for your question. I would suggest trying to get as much exposure to psychiatry as you can through attending conferences (even in other countries), trying to get any psychiatry experience you can (in your country or as a clinical rotation in the U.S.) and showing an interest in the field. It will also help to get solid USMLE scores and showing good academic standing in your medical school. Having a genuine interest is clearly important too. Good luck and let me know if you have more questions.

  2. Chi eze

    I am an old medical graduate, to be precise I graduated 8 years ago. I have written step I and step 2 cs. I am looking at taking step 2 ck but have lost motivation .pls advice on materials to use or whatever that could be helpful.

    • gubernaculum

      Hold on my friend you’re almost done! I’m begin 2 ck preparation as well. For me kaplan book (5) + Mtb 9th edition + first aid + kaplan q book.i will buy UWorld and nbme assessment through my progression. Good luck to all of us

  3. gubernaculum

    Hi. I am a img who just took USMLE step 1 and awating for result. I want to know how important is my academic medical school in the residency application. Thank you


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