Here you will find resources to help you to put together a stand-out application packet to submit to ERAS. Once you get to this important stage, you will spend a lot of your time and energy putting together an excellent CV (in ERAS format), writing a compelling personal statement and getting excellent letters of recommendation. These tasks can be very challenging for IMGs as most will have not received any clear guidance from physicians familiar with the standards and expectations of the U.S. residency selection system.

Many other important topics related to your application are covered in the articles below, including how to choose a specialty, how search for programs (including IMG-friendly residency programs), and how program directors screen candidates for interviews. You should become familiar with the “match” process itself and how you can maximize your chances of success.

Finally, you will see links to some excellent resources from various websites that will help you to put together your application packet.

> How To Figure Out Your Competitiveness For Residency Positions Using Free Information Available Online

> Getting Into An Internal Medicine Residency Program: A Case Example

How program directors screen candidates for interview invitations

What is the match?

How to match at a non-IMG friendly program

How can I increase my chance of matching? Lessons from the 2013 IMG match data

How to strengthen you application if you didn’t match + related topics

Lessons from the 2014 main residency match result

How to search for residency programs

How to find IMG-friendly residency programs

How to find out if a program is malignant

How to choose a specialty

Does applying to multiple specialties decrease my chance of matching?

> How to get good letters of recommendation Part 1 and Part 2

> Resources for your application

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