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6 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Steve

    Hi there! I just want to say that I really enjoyed your website. You provide a lot of high quality information. I’m currently a dermatology resident who developed a interview video series to help people match to their dream residencies. We’re focused on helping IMGs (both American and Foreign). Check it out at – I think it would of interest to your readers. We’d appreciate any mention at all! We’d definitely love to link to your site too.

    • Shinji Post author

      Hi Steve, I appreciate your comments about this website. It’s nice to hear about your initiatives to help IMGs also, and I appreciate you linking to my site!

  2. allen machado-nunez

    hello i am a IMG and i pass step one , but unfortunately i rush myself and twist my preparation for CK and CS and i fail both, do i still have chance to get a residency program??? thank you very much

  3. Asiv

    Hi there! I’m currently a final year medical student in Australia and was just wondering if you could provide any information with regards to applying to an American residency program following graduation. Looking through your posts, it seems like you underwent physician’s training in Australia before applying to the US. I would really like to work in Canada or the US as soon as possible, without having to do years of training in Australia first.

    I’d greatly appreciate it if you could provide any tips or point me in the right direction for information regarding applying to a US residency straight after graduating in Australia.

    • Shinji Post author

      Hi Asiv,

      I actually did not do any formal physician training in Australia. I finished my internship, did an RMO year and then did locum work in various areas (medical wards, physical rehabilitation, etc), and then focused on locum work in the ER and in psychiatry. The advantage of that was that I was paid a higher rate and my schedule was flexible. This helped with scheduling for Step 2 CS and the interviews. I also think that my clinical experience helped me to match.

      I don’t know much about working in Canada, but I can give you some pointers for US residency training.

      Some thoughts:
      Have you done your Step 1 and 2 already? I’d give yourself solid study time for those if you haven’t taken them. They’re pretty brutal and the scores are very important.

      I’d consider doing at least an intern year in Australia. This will give you a little more advantage (in my opinion) than american grads who are fresh out of med school. Also, it’s nice to have general registration in Australia. If you decide to go back to AU to visit family/friends, you can also consider doing locum work, which pays well.

      I wonder if you’ve thought about trying to do an overseas elective in the US during your final med-school year. It may be a little late for you to try to arrange one, but if you can manage it, that would be advantageous. You will be able to make connections with US faculty who can write letters of recommendation for you. Solid LORs from US physicians can be very helpful. People also arrange Step 2 CS during their US elective time.

      I’d apply broadly to top programs and to lower-tier programs. You need to get as many interviews as possible.

      I’d be happy to answer more questions that you might have.

      Good luck,


      • david lam

        Hi, i´m a 3rd year medical student from mexico, i´m currently starting to prepare for step 1,but i´m a bit disoriented about which books should i start, what books and resources would you recommend me for starting to prepare for usmle step 1. i would really appreciate it.


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