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Website User/Forum Content Copyright and its administrators do not endorse and prohibit sharing of copyright materials. Any copyrighted content in the form of texts, attachments, documents, images, videos, audios, or in any other format are strictly banned on all of the Steps To Residency Website.

What constitute a copyright material?

All types of commercial materials including, but not limited to, Goljan audios, Kaplan test prep materials, USMLEWorld LLC. questions, First Aid series, and others are considered copyright materials.

In addition, the USMLE™ questions and cases in any of the USMLE™ examination steps as well as the NBME™ Self Assessment questions are considered copyright materials and property of the NBME™ and/or the FSMB™. You are not allowed to share such questions by any means, including regurgitating what you memorized in your exam or what you have “heard of” as actual USMLE testing materials. Please note that you can still post and discuss “High Yield” concepts as these are not copyright materials. You can discuss USMLE-relevant knowledge and concepts just as you would in your medical school or just like they are presented in USMLE books.
What is the procedure if a copyright material is posted?

If we find an obvious copyright infringement we will immediately delete the related content and we’ll send a notice to the member who posted it. If the member repeated the action we’ll send him/her/it a warning. If the action was repeated a third time we’ll ban that member permanently.

However, there are two reasons that we might not be able to follow the procedure outlined above:

  • First, It’s very difficult for us to monitor each and every post in the forums and we may occasionally miss some posts and content.
  • Second, We might not be aware that the posted text or material is infringing on copyrights.

For the above two reasons, we hereby ask the copyright holders to notify us if they find content in Steps To Residency Forum that is infringing on their copyrights. We then will verify the infringement and will delete the content as soon as possible.

Do we give personal information about our members to commercial companies?

No, we don’t provide any personally identifiable information of our members to any non-governmental organization without a subpoena produced by the court.

External Links and its owner/administrator is not responsible for the content of other external websites, however, we proactively will not tolerate linking to online piracy and download websites that promote the sale, share, or download of copyrighted materials. Any links posted by users to such websites will be deleted.


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