New Free Reports On Matching Successfully

If you’re an IMG wondering about what chance you have of successfully matching into your desired US residency training program, then you may want to have a look at a couple of new reports that are available for free online.

I’ve written previously on how to use free reports from NRMP to get a general sense of your competitiveness for the match. You can read this article here.

There are a couple of 2016 reports that will be of interest to you:

  1. Charting Outcomes in the Match for International Medical Graduates: Characteristics of International Medical Graduates Who Matched to Their Preferred Specialty in the 2016 Main Residency Match (2nd edition) (PDF, 294 pages) 
  2. Results of the 2016 NRMP Program Director Survey (PDF, 172 pages) This report examines the factors program directors use to select applicants to interview and rank. Data are reported for 22 specialties and the transitional year in the Main Residency Match.

Take a look!

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